Kristina’s Incoming and DMC services

We are a Finnish family-owned business specializing in group travel. We have fulfilled our customers’ wishes and needs for seven decades already, planning and executing themed group trips for customers with high quality expectations.

As a tour operator, we annually serve thousands of travelers looking for fun experiences and comfortable journeys in both our native Finland and around the world.

With decades of experience in the travel business both domestically and abroad, we have what it takes to help international tour operators organize trips to Finland.

Kristina’s Incoming and DMC team provides services for tour operators as well as for independently traveling groups. Together, we can create a package that is perfect for your group.


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Group travel production in Finland


Kristina Rails

Kristina Rails is a sustainable group travel product available all year round, adding a refreshing, unique dimension to Finland travel. Train travel is growing strong all around the world. In Finland, Kristina Rails’ group travels are extensive packages that include train journeys, unique destinations, atmospheric Finnish towns, rich culinary experiences and high-quality accommodation. Kristina Rails is a great choice e.g. for international groups that want to travel in a sustainable manner and experience all that Finland has to offer.

Tailored Tours

We provide travel services for the needs of both domestic and international groups. We have special expertise on the great Finnish waterways and the exciting experiences they can provide as well as diverse knowledge of the various cultural destinations in the country.

DMC Services in Southeast Finland



Additional services for meeting and conference events

Are you planning a meeting or a conference event in the southeast of Finland? We can take care of the full event and provide you with all necessary additional services from accommodation to tours and from dining to exciting activities. As a local operator, we are very well informed of the offering in the area and can find you the exact high-quality service packages you require.

Land tour services for cruise ships

We produce diverse services for cruise ships that visit Kotka or Hamina.
As an expert of international cruises and our local towns, we know how to organize a day’s activities for a cruise ship visitor. The Kotka-Hamina region has a rich cultural heritage and beautiful landscapes, providing visitors the ultimate experience during a day’s visit. We understand that cruise visitors are on a tight schedule and therefore pick only the absolute best of the best to make the day as enjoyable as possible.