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Kristina Cruises
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Current operations of Kristina Cruises

Kristina Cruises provides high-quality and diverse cruise experiences to Finnish customers. Typical passengers on the Kristina® cruises are often active, adult customers (+50 years of age) who are interested in culture and spend an average of five days to three weeks on a cruise. The trips are always produced for a group with a minimum size of 20 persons.

The charter groups comprise about 100-200 pax.

Any Kristina® holiday always offers the customer a total package. The trip includes the cruise, flights both ways, and tour leader services during the trip; some cruises offer an All lnclusive package and excursions. The customers of Kristina Cruises travel as a group, and we aim to provide them with extensive services in their own lan­guage, thus ensuring the best possible holiday experience. To guarantee a successful trip, the destinations and ships are carefully selected to match the requirements of Finnish passengers.


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